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Unique High-Enzymatic Activity Phytase

Feed additive for animals and poultry

Improves Digestibility of Nutrients and Helps Promote Growth


Each 1 Kilogram contains: Phytase 12,000,000 FTU.


  • AMPHIZYME-P helps degrade anti-nutritional factors in diet, reduces viscosity, improves feed energy supply, improves digestibility of nutrients, improves livestock growth performance, and reduces feed cost.
  • AMPHIZYME-P helps degrade and break down the indigestible phytic acid (phytate) portion in grains and oil seeds, thereby releasing digestible phosphorus and calcium for animals.
  • The technology behind AMPHIZYME-P makes the phytase granules in the product 10 times more heat-stable than all powder enzymes. This special coating technology allows AMPHIZYME-P to withstand the pelleting heat 10 times more than powder enzymes, which makes the effectiveness of the dose guaranteed to get better results due to excellent heat stability.
  • AMPHIZYME-P is unique being characterized by:
    1. 1. High specific catalytic activity.
      2. Broad substrate specificity.
      3. Good thermostability.
      4. High residual activity at 40℃.
      5. High activity within the ph range from 2.5 to 7.5.
      6. Resistant to proteolysis.
      7. Good stability at ambient temperatures.


  • AMPHIZYME-P increases the utilization of phosphorus in feed, thus releasing inorganic phosphorus for direct utilization of livestock and poultry. AMPHIZYME-P decreases dosage of costly inorganic phosphorus and reduces feed costs and uses a space-saving formula to ensure or improve effects of breeding.
  • AMPHIZYME-P helps increase utilization and availability of minerals, protein, and other nutrients to improve production performance of animals.
  • AMPHIZYME-P decreases the excretion of phosphorus in feces, thus improving the breeding environment.
  • AMPHIZYME-P helps in improving the performance of broilers, increasing the average weight and preventing digestive problems. It improves ileal digestibility of nitrogen and amino acids.
  • AMPHIZYME-P improves feed intake and efficiency.
  • AMPHIZYME-P increases bioavailability of P, Ca and amino acids. It increases the utilization of methionine, lysine, valine, isoleucine and total amino acids in broiler diets.
  • AMPHIZYME-P improves body weight gain and growth performance in broiler chickens due to increased bioavailability of phosphorus, increase in feed intake and feed efficiency, increase utilization of inositol, improvement in starch digestibility, improved utilization of protein and amino acids and overall utilization of nutrients.