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A water-soluble source of electrolytes and chelated minerals for poultry


Potassium Bicarbonate, Calcium Acetate, Sodium, Sodium Acetate, Sodium, Copper Chelate, Manganous Chelate, Zinc Chelate, Organic Selenium, Selenium Yeast

Product Description

  • AMPHIELEC PWR is a water-soluble electrolyte concentrate that is easily used with drinking water for poultry.
  • AMPHIELEC PWR is a balanced mix of electrolytes that helps in both the prevention of dehydration and in reversing its effects in poultry.
  • AMPHIELEC PWR is especially designed to prevent and correct disturbance of acid-base balance that results from all stressful conditions and is responsible for high mortality rate in such conditions.
  • AMPHIELEC PWR is characterized by combining trace elements in chelated form with amino acids in a "Proper" and "Accurately Calculated Formula" containing "adequate concentrations" of all required elements in a proper "ratio".
  • AMPHIELEC PWR is characterized by combining trace elements in chelated form with amino acids to ensure "maximum bioavailability" for better utilization and consequently rapid and maintained effect.
  • AMPHIELEC PWR, with its content of essential trace elements in chelated form and essential electrolytes aids in maintaining and / or restoring the physiological levels of electrolytes needed by animal cells to perform their normal biological functions.
  • AMPHIELEC PWR contains essential chelated amino acids that are necessary for a healthy immune system by aiding in the processes of activation of lymphocytes, NK cells, and macrophages. It also helps in the prevention of amino acids deficiency in birds, and accordingly, helps promote a healthy immune system that fights infectious disease through the production of antibodies, cytokines, and other cytotoxic substances.

Product Benefits

  • AMPHIELEC PWR is helpful to prevent and correct electrolyte disturbances that are possible to occur with different stressful conditions in poultry such as: heat stress, over crowdedness, post-vaccination, viral infections, rapid growth, bird's fatigue, transportation, during and after molting. etc.
  • AMPHIELEC PWR is valuable in prevention and correction of "respiratory alkalosis" liable to occur in stress conditions especially heat stress.
  • AMPHIELEC PWR is a useful aid in relieving stress and a bird's fatigue after vaccination.
  • AMPHIELEC PWR helps in all immuno-suppressive disease such as: Gumboro, reticulo-endotheliosis, reo and other infectious diseases.
  • AMPHIELEC PWR also aids in cases of anemia, avian leukosis, mycotoxicosis, and other various acute and pre-acute diseases, such as avian flu.
  • AMPHIELEC PWR is a good source of minerals that help during the peak of egg production.