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For better poultry performance and growth promoter

Feed additive to cover the nutritional needs of poultry and other farm animals of the amino acid Methionine


DL-Methionine 99%


  • AMPHIMETHIONINE powder is designed to be a methionine donor for poultry and farm animals acting as growth promoter, performance enhancer and to compensate for common methionine deficiency states.
  • AMPHIMETHIONINE powder helps as “Growth Promoter” required for protein synthesis. DL-methionine acts not only in translation initiation and on elongation factors, but it also acts on signalling pathways for the synthesis of proteins that were previously thought to be influenced only by hormones. In addition, expression of genes involved in protein degradation can be reduced not only by growth factors, but also by effectiveness of dietary methionine.
  • AMPHIMETHIONINE powder also helps as “Performance enhancer” improving all performance parameters. Methionine supplementation is a nutritional factor that enhances animal performance parameters, such as weight gain, feed efficiency, noble cuts yield, and egg production and quality.
  • AMPHIMETHIONINE powder is of a special importance to improve breast meat weight and consequently body weight of broilers. It was observed that DL-methionine supplementation, significantly improved the performance of broiler, which is partially due to the fact that methionine induce growth by means of growth factors and due to its effect on protein synthesis. Also, methionine supplementation increases GHR mRNA transcription in the muscle tissue.
  • AMPHIMETHIONINE powder provides a high level of methionine supplementation highly required by broilers to improve breast meat weight consequently, increasing body weight.


  • AMPHIMETHIONINE powder may be of great value in the following conditions:
  • Promoting poultry and farm animals' growth.
  • Improving performance parameters as weight gain, feed efficiency, noble cuts yield, and egg production and quality.
  • Increasing breast meat and consequently body weight of broilers.
  • Compensating for methionine deficiency states in poultry and farm animals.