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A highly concentrated hepato-protective liquid for all forms of liver damage in poultry, farm animals and aquatic animals.


Sorbitol, DL Methionine, Choline Chloride, Betaine, Lysine, Artichoke Extract, Gentian Extract, Boldo Extract, DL Carnitine

Product Description

  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid is a is a highly concentrated liquid especially formulated and designed to provide all essential hepato-protective elements to guard against all forms of liver damage in poultry, farm animals and aquatic animals.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid contains Sorbitol, which is used as cholagogue, lipotropic agent and mild laxative in human medicine. The main action of sorbitol is, however, the stimulation of bile salts concentration and secretion, in man, dogs and in the preruminant calf. Bile salts, in young chicks, improve the digestibility of dietary fat, thus increasing the metabolizable energy value of the diet.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid provides adequate concentration of Methionine, the first limiting amino acid in broiler diets and a potential mediator of the immune response.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid supplies Choline Chloride. Choline is referred to as a “lipotropic” factor due to its function of acting on fat metabolism by hastening removal or decreasing deposition of fat in liver. It prevents abnormal accumulation of fat (fatty livers) by promoting its transport as lipoprotein and lecithin or by increasing the utilization of fatty acids in the liver. The young chicken needs choline more due to inability to synthesize at sufficient rate. Choline is highly required by dairy cattle and buffaloes.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid is characterized by the inclusion of Betaine that has been demonstrated to improve growth performance and antioxidant status of animals under various stress conditions and mycotoxicosis. It has been reported that betaine supplementation can mitigate the osmotic stress induced by diarrhea and coccidiosis in animals. In addition, Betaine is required for the synthesis of several substances, such as creatine and carnitine, which play an important role in the oxidation of fatty acids. Betaine increases average daily gain and decreases feed conversion ratio of broilers. Total cholesterol, alanine aminotransferase and alkaline phosphatase activities in serum can be decreased by betaine. Betaine also increases total superoxide dismutase activity in breast muscle and reduces malondialdehyde content in serum, liver and breast muscle. Moreover, the zearalenone concentrations in breast muscle are linearly decreased by betaine.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid combines important synergistic components such as Methionine, choline and lysine which are universally recognized as the most limiting amino acids in broiler diets based on corn and soybean meal. They are commonly used in broiler feed as hepatoprotectives and performance enhancers.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid is also unique by its content of Artichoke. The curative properties of the leaves of artichoke on dyspepsia resulting from insufficient secretion of bile by the liver have been confirmed. Using the leaves of artichoke makes digestion of food easier by stimulating the secretion of bile. Also, Artichoke has hepato-curative effects and hepatic injury by reducing lipid peroxidation, providing affected antioxidant systems towards the normal range. It also had positive effects on the pathway of the regulatory mechanism allowing repair of DNA damage. The use of Artichoke in broiler diets lowers cholesterol and increases bird resistance to stresses, including temperature stress. Various studies have reported positive effects of Artichoke on improving the immune system, performance, feed conversion ratio, and weight gain, as well as increasing fertility, lowering cholesterol and blood lipids, protecting the liver, among others, in broilers.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid provides Boldo extract (Peumus boldus, Mol.) characterized by its antioxidant activity. Boldo extract, in human, has been used for minor hepatobiliary dysfunction and for mild spasmodic disorders of the GI tract especially functional disorders of the bile duct, gall stones, liver or gall bladder pains, dyspeptic complaints.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid contains Carnitine. The major metabolic role of L-carnitine appears to be the transport of long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria for b-oxidation and energy production. It is reported that the L-carnitine level of heart in broilers with heart failure was lower than in normal broilers. L-carnitine can improve liver antioxidative capacity and reduces the mortality due to ascites. These effects might be attributed to its free radical scavenging properties. L-carnitine supplementation improved growth rate, food efficiency in broilers. L-carnitine can significantly improve body weight gain in broilers. It is also reported that feed conversion ratio was significantly decreased in total period by dietary L-carnitine supplementation. L-carnitine had a trend to decrease serum cholesterol and TG.

Product Benefits

  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid is used for poultry in mycotoxicosis to support liver function and guard against liver damage. AMPHIHEPANIL liquid reduces zearalenone residue in broilers fed mold-contaminated corn-based diet. It also increases humoral immune response, relative weight of organs, and guards against pathomorphology, hematology, and biochemistry changes caused by ochratoxin A.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid may be important to improve growth performance, liver health, antioxidant status, and breast meat yield and quality.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid is used for young chicks to improve the digestibility of dietary fat, especially that of saturated fatty acids. Also, the young chicken needs choline more due to inability to synthesize at sufficient rate.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid may be used as a lipotropic agent to transport fat from liver and improves production.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid may be used in dyspepsia due to insufficient secretion of bile by the liver.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid is used to improve digestion by stimulating the secretion of bile secretion.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid may be used to guard against ascites syndrome in chicken.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid is also helpful to improve performance parameters as weight gain, feed efficiency, noble cuts yield, and egg production and quality.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid is helpful in increasing breast meat and consequently body weight of broilers.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid may be valuable to mitigate the osmotic stress induced by diarrhea and coccidiosis in animals.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid is helpful to improve the growth performance and carcass traits of animals.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid is considered as an antioxidant agent that help alleviate oxidative damage in animals under various stress conditions.
  • AMPHIHEPANIL liquid may be used in poultry, livestock, and pigs diet to improve meat quality by reducing intramuscular fat content.