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A highly concentrated liquid of CHELATED minerals and trace elements for healthy bone development and improved eggshell quality in poultry


Phosphorus (Phosphoric Acid), Calcium (Calcium chloride), Sodium (Sodium chloride), Magnesium (Magnesium sulfate), Iron (Iron chloride), Copper (Copper sulfate), Manganese (Manganese sulfate).

Product Description

  • AMPHIOSCAL liquid is a highly concentrated liquid of chelated minerals and trace elements for healthy bone development and improved eggshell quality and production in poultry.
  • AMPHIOSCAL liquid is a balanced formula of chelated minerals and trace elements to help achieving balance between enhanced egg production and in the same time, improved bone quality and growth.
  • AMPHIOSCAL liquid provides minerals and trace elements in a "chelated" form getting the following benefits:
    1. 1. Minimizing mineral losses to intestinal antagonists.
      2. Chelated minerals are more highly bioavailable.
      3. They provide a better supply of minerals to the biochemical systems of the cells leading to a wide variety of benefits in poultry.
  • AMPHIOSCAL liquid helps in improving fertility, reproduction, eggshell quality, bone formation, good functioning of the nervous system, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, and mobilization of energy, growth and resistance.

Product Benefits

  • AMPHIOSCAL liquid provides required elements that help to guard against nutritional skeletal disorders and bone deformities as:
    1. 1. Rickets.
      2. Osteomalacia.
      3. Dyschondroplasia.
      4. Perosis or chondrodystrophy.
      5. Caged layer fatigue.
      6. Valgus-varus (angular) and/or torsional deformity.
      7. Spondylopathies.
      8. Osteochondrosis.
  • AMPHIOSCAL liquid provides required elements for normal and healthy egg formation and therefore, help to guard against eggshell disorders as soft, pigmented or corrugated eggshell.
  • AMPHIOSCAL liquid is a maximum-strength balanced formula of liquid minerals that helps in reversing and overcoming stressful conditions such as heat stress, dehydration, and infectious diseases accompanied with loss of minerals, diarrhea, and starvation during growing and laying periods.
  • AMPHIOSCAL liquid can be used as a supplement to compensate for mineral deficiencies.
  • AMPHIOSCAL liquid supplies essential minerals and trace elements that are important in improving feed conversion and metabolic functions.