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Unique blend of natural oils to prevent and alleviate respiratory symptons for poultry and livestock


Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Camphor Oil, Menthol Crystals, Saponin, Thymol, Carvacrol, Acetyl Cysteine and other proprietary micro ingredients, including RH 40 Cremophor, Propylene Glycol, BHT, Deionized Water and excipients.


  • Amphi-SPEAR is a unique combination of natural oils and spirits known to have a great effect on improving respiratory symptoms associated with Newcastle Disease, avian flu, and other viral and bacterial respiratory infections. The combination of Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol, Thymol, and Camphor Oil works in tandem as antiviral and antibacterial agents.
  • Amphi-SPEAR's mix of multiple active ingredients works in synergy to hinder the ability of pathogens to develop resistance.
  • Amphi-SPEAR has ingredients that help loosen the mucus and get rid of phlegm and pulmonary irritation.
  • Amphi-SPEAR can be added to drinking water or sprayed.
  • Amphi-SPEAR is a very safe natural product and can be given to all poultry and livestock.
  • Amphi-SPEAR's highly concentrated mix of essential oils works as a potent multi-purpose flavoring agent, as it improves the taste of feed, and as a digestive agent, as well as improving the performance and health of poultry and animals.
  • Amphi-SPEAR possesses antioxidant action, stimulating natural defenses of animals.
  • Amphi-SPEAR is an effective substitute for all growth-promoting antibiotics.