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Feed additive mix of minerals, organic and fatty acids for poultry during heat stress conditions.


ELECTROLYTES and MINERALS: Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Citric Acid, linolenic acid, linoleic acid

Product Description

  • Heat stress is considered one of the important factors affecting the profitability of the poultry industry in hot climates. Significant welfare concerns and economic losses occur every year due to impaired feed efficiency, poorer growth rates and potential mortalities.
  • AMPHIOMEGA liquid is a nutritional management tool, fulfilling the mineral requirement during heat stress for the efficient performance of the poultry. The requirement of most of the minerals are not fulfilled during heat stress conditions due to the restricted feed intake hence supplementation of minerals like zinc, copper, sodium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, manganese and iodine is necessary. These minerals help to sustain the production in animals, improve nutrient utilization and at the same time effectively neutralize the oxidant stress and enhance the compromised immune system of heat stressed birds.
  • AMPHIOMEGA liquid contains low limit of citric acid that has been reported to decrease colonization of pathogens and limit then production of toxic metabolites, improve availability of protein, Ca, P, Mg and Zn as well as serve as a substrate in intermediary metabolism. It also enhanced specific immunity against new castle disease in vaccinated broilers.
  • AMPHIOMEGA liquid supplies adequate concentrations of long-chain fatty acids, linoleic and linoleic acids. Therefore, it is considered an important source for omega-3 fatty acids essential for bone strength, bone mineral content and density in poultry, and semen quality in swine and livestock. Poultry products have become the primary source of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, with one of the most effective solutions being to increase the accretion of PUFAs in chicken products via the adjustment of fatty acids in poultry diets. The favorable effects of ω-3 PUFA on bone strength, bone mineral content and density, and semen quality have been confirmed.

Product Benefits

  • AMPHIOMEGA liquid is helpful to prevent and correct electrolyte disturbances that are possible to occur with different stressful conditions in poultry such as: heat stress, over crowdedness, post-vaccination, viral infections, rapid growth, bird’s fatigue, transportation, during and after molting, etc.
  • AMPHIOMEGA liquid is designed to help:
      1. Limit the reduction in performance during high temperatures in the final few days of the production period.
      2. Reduce the physiological stress load imposed on meat chickens during transport and lairage, especially during high summer temperatures.
      3. Limit the rate of dehydration of meat chickens during transport and increase processed carcass weight by maintaining intercellular and intracellular muscle water content.
      4. Improve carcass quality by limiting the effects of stress on muscle pH and water loss that occurs because of high temperatures before and during transport to processing.
      5. Reduce dehydration in meat chickens during transport to limit the physiological stress imposed on their welfare.
  • AMPHIOMEGA liquid is an important source for omega-3 fatty acids essential for bone strength, bone mineral content and density in poultry, and semen quality in swine and livestock.
  • AMPHIOMEGA liquid can be used as an appetizer for heat-stressed birds.
  • AMPHIOMEGA liquid is valuable in prevention and correction of “respiratory alkalosis” liable to occur in stress conditions especially heat stress.
  • AMPHIOMEGA liquid is of value in stress conditions for:
      7. Lowering all detrimental effects in both poultry and livestock resulting from hyperthermia
      8. Reducing overall mortality in poultry and livestock during heat stress
      9. Improving feed intake and appetite in both poultry and livestock
      10. Improving performance in poultry and livestock
      11. Improving weight gain and muscle built in beef cattle
      12. Improving milk production and increasing fat and protein c
    ontent of milk in dairy cows
      13. Improving egg production and egg size in laying hens
      14. Improving egg shell quality and preventing egg shell thing of heat stress in laying hens
      15. Improving muscle content and weigh gain in broilers