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Renal and hepatic support


Ammonium chloride, DL Methionine, Sorbitol, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Water Soluble Carrier, Anti Caking Agents and other proprietary ingredients.


  • AmphiGumborex is a unique high concentration formula specifically formulated to work in tandem to help maintain renal and hepatic health.
  • AmphiGumborex is a potent diuretic in a scientifically balanced blend that acts synergistically to help excrete toxins through the kidneys and improve renal functions.
  • AmphiGumborex aids in improving liver function by increasing bile secretion aiding to the increased hepatic activity and functions in neutralizing toxins and prevention of fatty changes of the liver.
  • AmphiGumborex contains Methionine which plays an important role in humoral and cellular immune responses.
  • AmphiGumborex helps decrease the urine pH which acts as disinfectant to the urinary tract inhibiting the breeding of pathogenic bacteria.
  • AmphiGumborex helps effectively in improving the overall performance of birds and animals by supplying water soluble vitamins and help absorption of fat soluble vitamins through its high content of sorbitol.


  • AmphiGumborex can be administered in poultry as the adjuvant support to combat gumboro disease, hepatorenal syndrome and fever of viral and bacterial etiology.